Machu Picchu

​The rain hadn’t let up by the time I arrived at the top. The time was 7:45, the sun was up, but hidden behind grey rain clouds. I personally love the rain, especially tropical rain, not the rain-for-twenty-minutes-then-become-snow kind of rain. Everyone was concerned with whether or not the weather would interfere with the ever-so-coveted … More Machu Picchu

The New Year

​                      Head hurt a little bit this morning from making party last night. Here the celebrations are a little different, instead of a berserker night downtown, New Years is celebrated with families. We had a trivia night at the hostel, which my team won by … More The New Year

Colombian Slang

The best thing to really get to know a culture is to learn its slang. Some of the words used simply never make sense besides the fact that they are used so much. Here are some of the Colombian slang words I have learned. Special thanks to Gisela Seohanes Meneses for help with the context. … More Colombian Slang