Tic. Toc.

Today marks my one year anniversary of my arrival to the City of Eternal Spring – Medellín, Colombia.

Realizing this, an age-old truth comes to mind — time flies.

Tic. Toc.

It really does, it flies by us and seems to always slip through our hands before we truly have a grasp on it. Just when we feel we are getting ahead of the time, we look around and a year has already passed. You snap your fingers and another one passes.

Tic. Toc.

It’s only appropriate that the same week I celebrate my one year here, I also end my school term for the year. I have been teaching for the last 8 months. It was my first time being a teacher and it was the longest I have lived outside of the U.S. It went by quick; one minute I was just trying to figure out my students names, then getting to know them slowly, and slowly becoming accustomed to teaching. And before I knew it, the year was over, and we were all saying goodbye to each other.

Tic. Toc.

A year ago when I set out on my trip, my plan was to stay for a maximum of four weeks in Medellín. Yes, four. I over-extended that planned stay by about 48 weeks. I would say I slightly underestimated that timeline in my plan. It was worth it.

Tic. Toc.
My goal is to stay and continue next year. I am still waiting to hear if I can, and if not, I have my plans.  In the meantime, I am going to make the best of the remaining weeks before the holidays and make every second count.

Tic. Toc.


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