Recently I did a presentation on Colorado culture to my students. It was a basic power point presentation with a few slides and information on the Rocky Mountain State. My students were fascinated to learn about our culture; they learned things such as what ‘fourteener’ means, why we call it the Mile High City, why Mile High Stadium should never be called anything else, and what the weather is like.

Showing a map of all of the ski resorts

After my presentation was over, I answered several questions. The questions ranged anywhere from “What is the weather like?” to “Who is the most famous person from Colorado?”. A question that caught me off guard was asked by one of my ninth graders. She asked, “What do you miss most about home?”

The obvious answer is my family and my friends, but the reality is that I miss much more from home as well. Afterwards, during my free hour at the school, I sipped on a coffee and sort of reflected on the question. For about thirty minutes I thought about all of the wonderful parts of home and all of the incredible memories I have had from there. I suddenly had an unfamiliar feeling come over me:


Of course I expected that one day it would happen, but I didn’t realize it would feel that way. There are so many things one can miss from home, and thinking about all of them can make the homesickness even worse, but I gave it plenty of thought.

One of the photos from my presentation

I thought about all of the things that make Colorado so special – such as the mountains, the sunsets, the people, the natural beauty of the state, and the good lifestyle.

I thought about the little things, too, like how awe-inspiring the Flatirons are when they have snow on them, or the smell of the crisp fall air, or even that everlasting spring snow. It’s little things, like when every time we yell “IN-COM-PLETE” at Mile High, or the way the snow muffles the sound at night in the dead of winter. All of these things are relatively simple, and some aren’t even that unique, but they are all the more special being from home.

Of course Colorado isn’t perfect, no place is, but it’s home, and that is good enough for me.

3 thoughts on “Homesick

  1. I felt this when I lived abroad too. It’s kind of odd the things we miss sometimes. Living abroad really made me appreciate Colorado. At the same time, I occasionally miss living abroad. I guess that’s the price you pay for living in several really interesting places.

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