Classics at the Festival of Flowers

La Feria de las Flores, or The Festival of Flowers, is a grand celebration every year in Medellín for the last 59 years. There are amazing displays of flowers that come from the nearby towns of Santa Elena and Rio Negro. Out of all of the concerts, shows, pageants, and parades, the classic cars parade is what caught my eye the most.

The parade was earlier in the day on a Saturday, and would pass through most of Medellín. I decided to go with a friend to see it in Sabaneta, further south of the city. Luckily for us, we went via motorbike, so the traffic jams that day didn’t affect us. Medellín is already a crowded city, but bring heaps of tourists and close down the streets, and the whole place will feel over capacity.

After weaving through the traffic jams – or trancones, we found a nice spot in the sun to watch the parade. As usual, the weather in Medellín was perfect, albeit a little bit hot, it still was a great day for a parade. The parade lasted for the next hour or so, and we saw anything from Ecto-1 replicas to WWII-era Volkswagens.

Here are a few of my favourite shots. I am no professional photographer, but the cars did a good enough job being models.

Los Bomberos

Cuando hay algo raro en el barrio

Coche fúnebre


Del Eje Cafetero

Soldier of Fortune

Sunday driver


Las flores

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