Tic. Toc.

Today marks my one year anniversary of my arrival to the City of Eternal Spring – Medellín, Colombia. Realizing this, an age-old truth comes to mind — time flies. Tic. Toc. It really does, it flies by us and seems to always slip through our hands before we truly have a grasp on it. Just … More Tic. Toc.


Recently I did a presentation on Colorado culture to my students. It was a basic power point presentation with a few slides and information on the Rocky Mountain State. My students were fascinated to learn about our culture; they learned things such as what ‘fourteener’ means, why we call it the Mile High City, why … More Homesick

Two Good Wheels

                       The landing gear opened with a bang; we were descending. The rich green forests and empty beaches got closer and closer to us as our duel prop behemoth made its final approach. I could see the houses below and we finally touched down. When … More Two Good Wheels


My first term as an English teacher has come to an end. The students left for holidays last week and we professors just started ours. Our last days of our term were spent in meetings, planning sessions, and eating plenty of food. Our last day we had an asado, with chorizo, beef, salad and a … More Profe


Amanecer  verb: to be in a place, situation, or state determined to start the day noun: dawn, early morning, aurora 4:30 am: The annoyingly necessary ringtone I picked for my phone alarm went off. It is the same alarm sound they used in submarines, so it is supposed to spring someone from any kind of sleep. … More Amanecer

Next Up

It has been a minute, I know. A few things have changed since I last posted. And yes, I’ll get better about posting. After my trip to Peru, I came back to Medellín for a day to watch the Denver Broncos win the Super Bowl. Then I decid – wait let me say that again, … More Next Up